Who, What, Why about Girls’ Brigade Scotland

Who we are…

The Girls’ Brigade in Scotland (GBS) is a lively, vibrant organisation for girls and young women. We are a volunteer led uniformed organisation which was founded on Christian principles over 120 years ago but which remain our bedrock today. While our core values remain the same, the way in which we do things does not, for to do so would fail the girls and young women in membership today. We are a modern, progressive organisation open to girls of all faiths or none and operate throughout Scotland with 235 companies serving just under 10,000 members in the communities of Scotland.

What we do…

GB companies offer a safe place for girls and young women to meet, a place for fun, a place for learning, a place for challenge, a place for personal development and a place where every girl is valued irrespective of her background. We welcome those with educational or other special needs and it is our policy, wherever possible, to include those who are challenged by physical or mental disability as we seek to be inclusive at all times.

All sections follow a balanced, age appropriate programme offering educational, service, spiritual and physical elements, recognizing our holistic approach. The award scheme provides opportunity for girls to learn new skills at a level appropriate to their ability in a fun, safe and secure environment. All GB companies are affiliated to local churches and are an integral part of both church and local community.

Why we do it…

GBS believes that each girl or young woman is unique and has many God given gifts and talents to use in their lives. We believe that being part of the GB journey can help them develop their talents and skills through a programme of informal learning, fun and friendship to make them confident individuals, effective contributors, responsible citizens and successful learners.   GB is not just about individual development but focuses on inter-generational relationships and service to others in the wider community.

Today’s girls are the leaders of the future.  Our aim is to help equip them for whatever role they are called to do in GB or in the wider world.

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