20 Years On – Remembering Srebenica

Tomorrow, 11 July, will mark the 20th anniversary of the atrocities committed in Srebenica.  It’s hard to believe that it’s 20 years since our television screens and newspapers were filled with horrific images and stories of the murder of thousands of Muslims, mostly men and boys.  Those of us old enough to remember 1995 were shocked as we witnessed the first case of genocide in Europe since the Second World War.  Hatred and discrimination were at the core of all that happened leading to death and destruction.

Twenty years on, what lessons have been learned?

Sadly, today’s world remains a troubled one where hatred, discrimination and a blatant lack of humanity for our fellow man seems to be on the increase as we look at recent events in Tunisia, Syria and the like.  That’s what makes it so important that today in Scotland we remembered Srebenica at a special service in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. In a Christian Church  all faiths and none came together to remember those who were killed, to pray for the mothers and sisters left behind; united in a common bond to promote tolerance and understanding.  What a powerful message was conveyed by the prayers led by members from GB Scotland, Girlguiding, Scouts, BB Scotland and the Army and Air Cadets.

These young men and women are our hope for a better future for Scotland and the wider world.

.St GilesNatasha

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